Noblenano™ Kava Extract 1 Liter

In 2010, Kalm with Kava started with an idea that was novel for the time: a flavored, bottled, kava extract beverage.  Through the years, various forms of this product has made its way onto our shelves, but never a standalone kava extract.  Extracts tend to be the most difficult product to make because of their often inconsistent results, difficulty of consumption, and taste.  We’ve spent years developing this product and finally feel like it’s time for our NobleNano extract to be made available to the public.

To develop this, we first found some of the most advanced labs in the world to do CO2 extractions using a blend of our famous Borongoru, Pouni Ono, and Loa Waka kavas.  A CO2 extraction yields a waxy, resinous paste that’s difficult to use and isn’t water soluble.  While it can be used to make our delicious kava mints, it doesn’t work for beverages since it doesn’t dissolve in liquids.  To fix this issue, we’ve found the leading nano experts in the United States to formulate what we think is the best water soluble kava extract in the world.  

Nano technology uses a vibrating nozzle to break down the kava extract into nanometer sized particles suspended in coconut oil.  This helps to encapsulate the extract and make it far more bioavailable to the human body.  In short, a single 1ml dropper full of our extract is a serving of kava.

Try it under your tongue or in a drink and you’ll be very surprised with its effects!  It’s the easiest, best way to consume kavalactones in extract form.

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(1) 1 Liter  bottle of NobleNano™ Kava Extract

This product has a 6 month shelf-life. Due to food safety requirements, we cannot accept returns on concentrate products.

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