Wholesale Sampler

NOTE: You will receive what is in the description below, not what is shown in the picture.

If you’re looking for a quick way to try everything Kalm with Kava offers in our wholesale program, look no further!  In this pack, you’ll receive:

Medium Grind

(1) Borongoru 8oz

(1) Borogu 8oz

(1) Loa Waka 8oz

(1) Pouni Ono 8oz

(1) Just Kava Vanuatu 16oz

(1) Just Kava Fiji 16oz


(1) Borongoru 8oz

(1) Loa Waka 8oz


(1) Noble Nano Dropper

(1) Guava 10oz

(1) Iced Tea 10oz

(1) Kavarita 10oz


(1) Synthetic Strainer

(1) Muslin Strainer